RESEARCH AND PUBLICATION are ultimately the central concern and principal measure of the Institute in objective terms. By that standard, the Institute has had almost unprecedented success over a thirty-year period, which has seen the publication of more than seventy-five book-length works.

The Institute conducts research in a variety of ways, not least through the organization of international conferences, special topic workshops, joint research projects, and then, finally, via topic-specific and commissioned volumes in the Analectic Husserliana. The Institute has various projects underway in any given period, projects whose theme and focus are typically some variation on its central research agenda, namely, the elucidation and extension of Husserl's phenomenology and that of his philosophical heirs. Roman Ingarden's work has been of special interest and concern, for example, and so three separate volumes of the Analecta were devoted to Ingardeniana. Other research projects and publications often reflect Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka's emphasis upon creative experience and ontopoiesis, and her dedication to the interdisciplinary exchange between the human and natural sciences.

The principal research project currently underway at the Institute involves the participation of one hundred and twenty phenomenological philosophers from around the world in the writing of a new phenomenological research handbook, a handbook which will address the confusion and ever increasing disagreement regarding fundamental principles and methodologies in phenomenology.  Jacques Derrida, Francis Jacques, Manfred S. Frings, Edward Casey, and other distinguished names have joined with Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka and other Institute members to form an editorial committee to direct this project and prepare the assembled manuscript for publication in 2002.

Other, smaller projects are also underway or in process of starting out. Additional information concerning them will be available in subsequent revisions of this page.



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