THE ARCHIVE IS comprised of reprinted articles and other materials published over the course of the Institute's history and now considered seminal or defining works.

The archive project is still in its beginning stages, but will ultimately house a significant collection of research materials drawn in representative number from the various research and publication projects undertaken by the Institute since 1971, featuring prominent phenomenological philosophers of the period.

Meanwhile, two important pieces by and concerning Anna- Teresa Tymieniecka and the early history of the Institute are available below and may provide a basic introduction to the Institute and its governing purposes.

Archived Publications

(1) Ivanka Rainova, "Interview with A.-T. Tymieniecka"

(2) A.-T. Tymieniecka, "The Beginnings and Early History of the World Phenomenology Institute: A Summary of its First Ten Years"

(3) Thomas Ryba, "The Aretelogical Challenge"

(4) Torjussen/Servan/Oyen, "Interview with Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka"



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